Looks Like We Made It
Home again, home again, jiggidy-jig!
We've landed on U.S. soil. It feels great to sleep in our own beds and enjoy breakfast while still wearing our jammies. (I guess we could have gone to breakfast in our jammies in hotels and restaurants, but then again, it would have given Americans a bad name.) Putting together the pieces of our home and trying to find where we put things is tough when you're in a jet-lag fog. Mounds of laundry are finished and piles of junk mail are tosssed. Our kitties were TLC deprived so they follow us everywhere. Over the next few weeks we will be assembling our wrap-up thoughts and will post some journals. In addition, over the next few months we will be sorting out images and will put together a small representation of the journey. We'll pare the 20,000+ images down to a couple hundred, just so we won't bore you. Thanks for tracking with us. There's no place like home!
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United Kingdom
On Our Way Home
(Marla) 06/10/2005 - 19:04PM
As you read this we this we are either on the airplane or at home. Yes, already. Let me backtrack a bit to France, Belgium ...
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